NYCASP Plus and Windows Phone push notifications

I decided to add additional features to NYCASP. The app would be great if there were push notifications to tell me the status of ASP instead of me checking it each day. Initially I had a hard time finding information on how to do notifications on Windows Phone properly. Luckily, local Windows Phone enthusiast, Ryan Huynh, had already done some of the leg work. From there, I was able to get notifications working with PHP on my server.

Eventually I released NYCASP Plus (paid version) with push notifications, live tiles and a reminder feature.

Windows Phone push notification php
Windows phone push notification tutorial

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My first Windows Phone 8 app – NYCASP

I am not a programmer nor will I ever be one. I realized this when I was in college taking Computer Science classes at Poly. I just do not have the programmer mentality that my friends might have. Seriously, programming is hard. It requires a lot of thinking and logic. I am not saying that I do not have the ability to program but I do not prefer doing it. What I am pretty good at is a hack/slash approach to programming. I can take bits here and there and put them together (somewhat).

I don’t know what inspired me to make this app. I guess it is probably because I had a Windows Phone at the time and there were no good alternate side parking apps (iOS and Android included). I took probably 3 months of taking bits and hacking them together to make my first Windows Phone 8 app. The app is called NYCASP. It is basically an app that tells you whether alternate side parking is suspended or not in NYC. It was a great learning experience.


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